The May Family

Mrs May, across the way, lost her husband and eldest son. The son was married a year ago and his wife had a baby six weeks ago...

Crossing the road I had a talk with the elder Mrs May, a slight, pale woman with dark sorrowful eyes. She asked eagerly for news, but when I had none to give, she sighed and the corner of her apron went to her eys. "Yes, it's true," she said in a weary voice.

"Husband and son have gone and left eleven of us. It was the first time that Arthur and his father had been at sea together, and it wouldn't have happened if Arthur hadnt been out of work because of the coal strike. He tried to get work ashore but failed, and he had his wife and a baby to keep. So he signed on aboard the Titanic as a fireman. His father shouldn't have been on the Titanic but a bad leg kept him from going on his own ship, the Britannia. Now they're gone and there's eleven of us. The eldest boy, nineteen, makes a few shillings a week by odd jobs. My own youngest baby is six months old."

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