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The Rev. Ernest Courtenay Carter

Oxford Magazine

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Vol. XXX, No. 17

A correspondent writes:- "The Rev. Ernest Courtenay Carter, of St. John's College, who perished, with his wife, in the Titanic disaster, was in many ways a remarkable man. Not specially gifted intellec- tually, he took a Pass degree here, and could not be called an exceptional preacher. None the less he had made his mark in the East of London; as Vicar of St. Jude's, Whitechapel, he had a most difficult and disheartening task to face, for his parishioners belonged mainly to the Jewish colony which crowds that quarter of London. But he faced his task bravely: 'The distinguishing feature of his work,' writes a brother clergyman, 'was an infinite optimism; and though his following was naturally rather small, they were every one of them workers, and in the open air and elsewhere one found out the strength of his work. Any sketch of him would be incomplete without a reference to his social qualities. It is safe to say that St. Jude's was an oasis in a neighbourhood where social life amongst the clergy is practically unknown every Thursday afternoon he had open house for any who cared to call. And he made it his rule to call upon every new-comer. Many a young curate, coming into this bewil- dering turmoil, terribly unlike the 'Varsity and the home he had left, found in Carter a great friend. He was President of Sion College, and it is only a short time since he entertained all the clergy of the Deanery at a supper in the College. His wife was a daughter of Tom Hughes, of Rugby fame. She was a great diocesan worker amongst women. As soon as the news came, people said, " He was just the one to let others go first," and all felt certain they would keep together."'


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