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The little vessel represented in our illustration has been invented by Mr J. A. R. Vandenbergh of Portsmouth (Eng.), to be freighted with letters and papers belonging to any ship in danger of foundering at sea, or in any danger of being wrecked.
It will, in such a case, serve as the best vehicle for the preservation of records and important documents, and in all probability for their conveyance, by favouring winds and tides, to some near or distant shore.
It is certainly much better than the ordinary glass bottle, which may be fractured by any floating spar or fragment of wreck; or may be dashed to pieces by the wave casting it upon a rocky coast.
The water-tight and air-tight metallic hull of the “Sea Messenger,” with its extreme buoyancy, will ride in safety through the most violent storms, and it has the capacity not only to hold the ship’s papers, records of the voyage, lists of the passengers and crew, and a brief report of the disaster specifying the latitude and longitude of the occurrence, but letters from those on board to their friends, wills, or draughts of money, or bills of exchange, or any other papers affecting their private interests.
Other uses of this contrivance will become obvious with its more frequent trials at sea.


Senan Molony, Ireland


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