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Southport has a more than pathetic interest in the loss of the Titanic in that several of the crew and passengers had local connections. On Saturday we had to record the names of Mr. W. Ennis and Mr. J. Walpole, members of the crew, as being amongst the lost, whilst amongst the saved were the Misses Bonnell, of Birkdale, passengers, and Mrs. K. Gold, a stewardess. The name of Mr. William T. Brailey, a member of the ship's orchestra, which has earned universal fame for its heroic action, has now to be added to the list of those who have lost their lives. Mr. Brailey was at one time a member of the Pier Pavilion orchestra, after which he left to go to a musical college to complete his education. Subsequently---and there is a sad coincidence in the fact---he was a member of the orchestra on board the Carpathia---the rescue ship---and only transferred from that vessel prior to the sailing of the Titanic. Mr. Brailey had a large circle of friends in Southport, where he was extremely popular. He was also engaged to be married to a Southport young lady. When in Southport he was interested greatly in the subject of aviation, and was associated at different times with Mr. Paterson, of Freshfield, and Mr. J. Gaunt, of Southport.

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