The Titanic : The heroine of the shipwreck

Warwick Examiner and Times

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“It was fine and clear, that awful night. All the stars were shining. You would never have thought there was anything wrong with the giant ship with row upon row of lights blazing like a grand hotel. But she was gradually sloping forward. Line by line the lights went out as she got lower and lower. Gradually she was sinking. The bows went under and, at last, the stern part stood up steeply, with the White Star flag showing out against the stars of heaven. There was an awful rattle of chains and machinery, and then she slid down and disappeared. In a few moments the water was quite clear again as if there never was such a ship. And the sea reflected the stars in the very spot where she had been”. In these words, Mrs Kate Gold, who was the last woman to leave the vessel, described graphically the sinking of the White Star liner, Titanic, which struck an iceberg while going at a high speed on Sunday night, April 14, 1912 off the coast of Newfoundland. The Titanic, a monster floating palace of 15,000 tons, was making her maiden trip from Southampton to New York. With her perished 1635 souls.

Mrs Gold was a stewardess of the vessel, and had been in the White Star service for 10 years. Previous to being on the Titanic, Mrs Gold was on the Olympic and experienced the collision between the liner and H.M.S. Hawke. At present she is on a visit to Sydney with her uncle, Mr William Longton of Ballarat, and is staying with her relative, Mr. William Longton of Warren View Hotel, Enmore. This was the first time Mrs. Gold had consented to be interviewed, though she was sought after by pressmen in New York, England, and again at Ballarat – “Sun”

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