The Wideners

New York Times

Another of the morning inquiries (at the White Star Line office) was a long distance one from Philadelphia. It was for the news of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Widener and their son, Harry Elkins Widener, who are of the well-known Philadelphia family of that name. Mrs. Widener is among those reported on board the Carpathia but so far no mention has been made of Mr. Widener or his son as being among the saved.

Later in the day Mr. P.A.B. Widener of Philadelphia called at the White Star Line office to make inquiries concerning the fate of his brother, his wife and their son. Mr. Widener was deeply affected when told that, while Mrs. Widener was among the saved, neither his brother's nor his nephew's name appeared on the list of survivors sent out by Capt. Rostron of the Carpathia.

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