The William Perines celebrate 25th anniversary

Berkshire County Eagle

The William Perines celebrate 25th anniversary

[Pittsfield, Massachusetts]

Mrs. Perine was passenger on ill-fated Titanic

Among the 700 survivors of the White Star liner, Titanic which sank in the North Atlantic April 14, 1912,

after striking an iceberg, was Mrs. William R. Perine, who with her husband celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary with a dinner at the Elm Street Chapel of the Berkshire Full Gospel Church last evening. The couple resides at Narragansett Avenue, Pontoosuc Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Perine were married in Baltimore, Maryland on Jan. 28, 1922 by Rev. E. Cookman Baker.

Mrs. Perine, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ball, was born in London, England and left for America on the Titanic. Of more than 2000 persons, 1517 were lost , among them Mrs. Perine's brother -in-law with whom she was making the journey to visit her sister in Baltimore. She was rescued by the Carpathia after being on the water eight hours. Mr. Perine, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. William H. Perine, spent most of his life in Baltimore where he was born. The couple has lived in Pittsfield for the past five years. Mrs. Perine is 71, and Mr. Perine, who is 82, is retired.

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