The Wreck of the Titanic by William Baltzell

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A Descriptive Composition for Piano Solo

By William Baltzell
Published 1912 by Aubrey Stauffer & Co., Chicago, USA

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Sailing over the bounding main.
Echoes from the orchestra on the promenade deck
Every soul is happy.
No one dreams of danger.
Full Speed ahead.
In the fields of ice.
The Titanic strikes an iceberg.
The ship stops
Bell rings from the bridge.
Fog-horn sounds.
Passengers are warned.
The life boats are lowered.
The Captain orders: "Women and children first."
Confusion reigns aboard.
"The ship is sinking."
There are no more lifeboats.
The band: Knee deep in water. Play their last prayer.
The Titanic slowly sinks beneath the waves.
The freezing survivors in the life boats scan the ocean for assistance.
The Carpathia arrives on the horizon.
Saved at last.

(Instrumental midi)

Tracey McIntire, USA

Score Transcription and Midi Preparation
© Encyclopedia Titanica 1999

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