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Thomas Cardeza's Account

New York Sun

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Thomas D. M. Cardeza of Philadelphia told last night at the Ritz-Carlton how he and his mother, Mrs. J. W. M. Cardeza, together with the latter's maid and Mr. Cardeza's valet, got away from the Titanic.... "I had gone to bed but had not turned on my light, " said Mr. Cardeza, "when I felt the collision. I awakened my mother and the two servants and we hurried on our clothes and started for the boat deck. We joined the crowd that was pressing about one of the boats forward when I heard the officer in charge of that part of the deck shout: "What is everybody crowding about here for? There is a much better chance at the stern." I started with my mother to walk back toward the stern and there we came across such a crowd there wasn't any chance apparently of getting by (sic) mother near the boat. Then we went back to the forward part of the starboard side and found a boat that was being loaded and they were calling for women to get in. My mother got in with her maid. The officer called for other women, but there were none thereabout. Then he called for men passengers. There were only about six just there, of whom I was one, and we got in. The boat was still not filled, so the officer put in some of the crew. There were in the boat, as near as I could judge, between forty-three and forty-five persons. I know I counted thirty-eight heads and there were some lying in the bottom of the boat. I should not say she was overcrowded. In fact I believe a few more might have been put in safely, but she was sent away as she was. While we were on the boat nothing special happened."


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