T. Ismay Contributes to Pirrie Hospital Fund


Much gratification is expressed in Belfast with regard to a letter received by the Lord Mayor, who is a partner in the large shipbuilding firm of Harland and Wolff, from Mr. Thomas H. Ismay, of the firm of Ismay and Imrie of the White Star Line. Mr. Ismay says that much interest has been aroused in Liverpool by Mr. Pirrie's movement, set on foot under guidance, to establish a hospital in Belfast as a memorial of her Majesty's long reign.

As the entire fleet of the White Star Line has been built by Belfast workmen, his firm are glad of the opportunity of showing their appreciation of excellent workmanship and their personal interest in the welfare of Belfast by contributing £1,000 to the proposed hospital fund. The latter now amounts to £22,455. [Note: The last two numbers in this last amount are unclear.]

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