THOMAS WHITELEY : Appearing at the Merrimack Square Theatre

THOMAS WHITELEY : Appearing at the Merrimack Square Theatre

The attendance at both perfomances at the Merrimack Square theatre yesterday was extraordinarily large, and the many patrons seemed well satisfied with the bill as presented, for practically each number was received with loud applause. 

A great attraction this week is Thomas Whiteley, a young Englishman, who had a very narrow escape from death when the Titanic went down carrying sixteen hundred people to their doom.  Whiteley was employed as a first class cabin steward by the White Star Line and was selected among those who were to serve on that company's pride, the then largest and most palatial ship in the world. 

Although inexperienced in presenting such a talk before the public, Whiteley recites his story in a decidedly interesting manner.  To repeat it at this time would tend to make the story less entertaining to those who intend visiting the theatre during the remaining perfomances.  Be it said, however, that his story is first hand and contains many features not touched on by the press either at the time of the terrible catastrophe or since then. 

Mr. Whiteley is to appear afternoon and evening for the remainder of the week and he offers the opportunity to any of those who visit the theatre to ask him any questions desired in connection with the accident. The questions to be written and forwarded to the box ofice with the request at which performance the answer should be given.

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