Thomas William Solomon Brown's Death Certificate

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1 - Name of deceased: Thomas William Solomon Brown
2 - Birthplace of the deceased: Cape Town
3 - Names of the parents of the deceased:
Father: Thomas William Brown
Mother: Unknown
4 - Age of the deceased: 59 years ... months ... days
5 - Condition in life (occupation): Retired hotelkeeper
6 - Ordinary place of residence:
7 - Married or unmarried, widower or widow: Married
7 a - Name of surviving spouse: Elizabeth Catherine Brown, born Ford
7 b - Name or names and approx. date of death of previous spouse or spouses: Isabella Willoughby, about 1891
7 c - Place of last marriage:
8 - The day of the decease: On 14th April 1912
9 - At what house or where the person died: Drowned on SS Titanic
10 - Names of children of deceased, and whether majors or minors (stating separately those born of different marriages):
Lilian Henrietta Woolf
Harriet Bosman
Thomas Ralph Brown
Ernest Brown
above issue of first marriage and all majors
Edith Eileen Brown
of second marriage, minor
10 a - Whether deceased has left any property, and of what kind: Movables
10 b - The deceased has left a will: No, his will having been lost in Titanic
Dated at Cape Town this 9 January 1913
EC Brown, Widow

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