Those Who Saw the Rescue

New York Times

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Carpathia's Passengers, Who Were Bound for Mediterranean, Back.

The passengers on the Carpathia, whose trip to the Mediterranean was interrupted to aid those saved from the Titanic, are:

Rev. R. B. Anderson, Baltimore, Mr.
Mr. J. A. Badenock, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mr. A. Barnard, Boston, Mass.
Miss M. R. Birkhead, St. Louis, Mo.
Miss S. Birkhead, St. Louis, Mo.
Mr. V. Biaggi, New York, N. Y.
Miss Marie Bunn, New York, N. Y.
Mr. H. B. Burke, Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. Wilson M. Carr, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. L. Catty, New York, N. Y.
Miss Catty, New York,N. Y.
Rev. Prof. G. Clements, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dr. S. Coit
Capt. Charles F. Crain, U.S.A.
Mrs. Crain, Chicago, Ill.
Miss Elisabeth Crain, Chicago,Ill.
Mr. Alfred Crocker, New York, N. Y.
Mrs. Crocker, New York, N. Y.
Miss S. A. Crocker, New York, N. Y.
Mr. H. M. Chapin, Providence, R.I.
Mrs. Chapin, Providence, R.I.
Mr. Colin Campbell Cooper, New York, N.Y.
Mrs. Cooper, New York, N.Y.
Miss R. McF. Doble, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. John Dorran, Philadelphia, Penn.
Mr. George A. Douglass, New York, N. Y.
Mrs. Douglass, New York, N. Y.
Miss Fabian, Chicago, Ill.
James A. Fenwick, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. Fenwick, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. A. de P. Fowler, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. M. O. Fowler, Baltimore, Md.
Miss A. S. Fowler, Baltimore, Md.
J. H. Grenville Gilbert, New York.
Mrs. Gilbert, New York.
Miss H. Grenville Gilbert, New York.
Miss M. M. Glidden, New York.
Dr. W. Hill, New York.
William J. Hiss, East Orange, N. J.
Mrs. Hiss, East Orange, N. J.
Miss A. Hoffstot, New York.
The Rev. Albert Hogue, Boston, Mass.
Miss Sadie Horwitz, New York.
L. B. Hoyt, Albany, N. Y.
Mrs. Hoyt, Albany, N. Y.
Mrs. A. Huber, Chicago, Ill.
C. M. Hutchinson, Pittsburgh, Penn.
Mrs. Hutchinson, Pittsburgh, Penn.
C. Iddiols, St. Louis, Mo.
Mrs. Iddiols, St. Louis, Mo.
J. R. Joyce, New York
J.F. Kemp, New York.
E. H. Kiene, New York.
B. Lazzolo, San Francisco, Cal.
Mrs. Lazzolo, San Francisco, Cal.
Earl J. Listibach, New York.
Mrs. Charles Lowell, Boston, Mass.
Miss M. B. Lowel, Boston, Mass.
W. E. Luce, New York.
Miss L. M. Luce, New York
Miss M. E. Luce, New York.
Charles H. Marshall and valet, New York.
Mrs. Marshall and maid, New York.
Miss Evelyn Marschall, New York.
Miss L. Matthews, Baltimore, Md.
Philip Mauro, New York.
J. Meirdones, New York.
Miss E. d'Meirguard, New York.
F. J. Merrick, Pittsburgh, Penn.
Mrs. F. S. Merrick, Pittsburgh, Penn.
MIss S. T. M. Murphy, New York.
Miss May Murphy, New York.
W. S. McCarty, Buffalo, N. Y.
Louis M. Ogden, New York.
Mrs. Ogden, New York.
Miss F. D. Palmer, Toronto.
Miss B. Palmer, Toronto.
Miss Grace D. Parsons, Brooklyn, N. Y.
C. T. Phelps, North Adams, Mass.
Mrs. Pritchard, North Adams, Mass.
Mr. C. W. Reynolds, Albany, N. Y.
Mrs. Reynolds, Albany, N. Y.
Mrs. M. Robbins, New York.
Miss Mauro Robbins, New York.
O. Sinical, Boston, Mass.
Mr. Skidmore, New York
Mrs. Skidmore, New York.
J. A. Shuttleworth, New York.
Mrs. Shuttleworth, New York.
Miss E. Shuttleworth, New York.
Miss J. Shuttleworth, New York.
Miss M. Shuttleworth, New York.
George W. Smith, Philadelphia.
Mrs. Smith, Philadelphia.
Mr. Soloman, New York.
Mrs. Soloman, New York.
Charles Spielmann, New York.
Miss K. Steele, Baltimore, Md.
Miss E. B. Stevens, Boston, Mass.
Miss C. Touztine, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. M. T. Tytleu, Boston, Mass.
Miss W. H. Underwood, New York.
Miss Underwood, New York.
F. O. Vandewater, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Vandewater, Chicago, Ill.
J. S. Van Riper, New York.
Mrs. Van Riper, New York.
Miss Helen Winkler, New York.

The Carpathia's officers are: Commander - A. H Rostron, R.D.R.N.R; Surgeon - Frank E. McGee; Chief Steward - E. H. Hughes; Purser - E. G. F. Brown, R.N.R; Assistant Purser - P. B. Barnett.
[Notes regarding the list of the Carpathia passengers]

These 1st class passengers appear on the 1913 original Carpathia First Class Passenger List, but do not appear on the New York Times, April 19 newspaper article above:

Mr. W. H. Pritchard
Mr. Wm. H. Johnson
Mr. Nason C. Johnson
Mr. John Kuhl
Dr. W. G. Thegten
Mr. R. L. Weidman
Miss M. T. Tytleu
Mrs. Colin Campbell Cooper

An interesting letter dated April 13, sent by 2nd class Carpathia passenger, Katherine Hurd (Newsman, Carlos F. Hurd's wife) to her sister reads in part:

"There are 150 1st cabin; 50 2nd & 500 steeragepassengers."]

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