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Still suffering from the hardships they endured, Miss Cornelia T. Andrews, Mrs. John C. Hogeboom and Miss Gretchen F. Longley, who survived the Titanic disaster, are at the home of Mrs. Arthur H. Flack, of 458 Central avenue, East Orange.

None of the three survivors is able to speak above a whisper so intense was their suffering from the cold. They escaped from the doomed steamship clad in nightdresses covered with fur coats.

Mrs. Flack, Miss Andrews and Mrs. Hogeboom are sisters and Miss Longley is their niece. The three survivors reside in Hudson, N. Y.

The survivors were in the fourth boat which left the vessel. They refused places in the other boats so that they could be together and said that the first three boats left with one place vacant in each.

It was explained by the survivors that discipline had been good up to the time they left. As their boat pulled away they saw Major Butt and Colonel Astor on the upper deck. Colonel Astor was waving a farewell, which was to be final, to his young wife.

Miss Longley pulled an oar in the boat until she was exhausted. Other women gave similar aid to the few seamen in the boat. A Chinese and an Armenian had concealed themselves in this boat and neither could be prevailed upon to take any share of the rowing.

Aboard the Carpathia the three women refused staterooms because there were others in still worse condition than themselves. Not until last night did they sleep in a stateroom.

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