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Five Left of Party of Ten from Sweden Arrive on Way to Pacific Coast

Chicago Daily News

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Five Left of Party of Ten from Sweden Arrive on Way to Pacific Coast

Tells of their Escapes

Companions Lost After Entering Lifeboat--Man, Two Women and Two Children Saved

Edwin Lundstrom, 32 years old, who left Sweden in charge of a party of ten bound for California, and embarked on the Titanic, arrived in Chicago over the Erie today with just half of the original party. They were met at the Polk street station at 7:54 a.m. by officials from the local office of the White Star line and took an early train for Los Angeles. Besides Lundstrom the party was composed of Mrs. Agnes Sandstrom with her two daughters, Marguerite and Beatrice, 4 and 2 years; and Karin Abelseth, a 16 year old Norwegian girl.

Lundstrom told a stirring story of his escape. He guided his party from the third cabin to the second and watched them placed in lifeboats. Mrs. Sandstrom and her children were placed in the thirteenth boat. The other members of the party, Mrs. Hulda Classen, Albin Classen, Gerturde Classen, Elida Olson and Hulda Verstrom, got into the next boat. They were never seen again and Lundstrom is of the opinion that the boat in which they started did not have its plugs in or else was overturned.

Many From Sweden Lost

"After I saw them all safely off," said Lundstrom, "I went back to the third cabin. There were many people from Sweden on board the ship and just a handful of them were saved. I was surrounded by young Swedes, who all seemed willing to die after they had placed their wives and sisters and babies in the boats. I stood there with them a while and then jumped into the sea.

"It was frightfully cold, but I was used to it, and I swam for many minutes. Then I was picked up by a lifeboat. There were only twenty-five people in it. I thought of all those brave young men who were drowned. Then I got extremely cold, but they let me row a while and that was good. At last we were picked up."

Mother Tells of Escape from Death

Mrs. Agnes Sandstrom and her two little daughters were exhausted with their long trip. She told of their escape from the sinking ship.

"We were placed in the boat and they swung us down into the water," said Mrs. Sandstrom. "We didn't want to leave the ship. They told us before we started that nothing could happen to us. That was why so many people were drowned. They thought the ship could not sink, but they did not trust the lifeboats. After we got in the water the men rowed and rowed and rowed. That's all I know. I was scare for my babies."

Seek News of Nephew

There was one pathetic incident connected with the arrival of the five survivors today. Anton Nelson, 5256 Laflin street, the uncle of Oliver Myhrman, 18 years old, who was lost in the shipwreck, was their to meet the train with his wife. Each carried a picture of the boy and when the fortunates arrived they hovered about them, anxiously striving to hear some word of the lost one.

"Did you know this boy?" asked Nelson of Lundstrom. "He was on that ship and he's dead now. Did you know him? Here's a picture that looks just like him."

"I saw him lots of times," said Lundstrom, examining the photography. "He was a fine boy. We all liked him. He was there on the deck when I jumped."

Gets Word of Lost Sister

Helga Dahlberg, 1830 Calumet avenue, sister of Gerda Dahlberg, who was lost, was also at the station seeking information. She had not heard a word except that her sister sailed, but did not reach the Carpathia. Here she found her sister's friends. Many tears fell as she listened to their stories.

While they were talking suddenly a station employe forced his way through the group. They were sitting at a table in the lunchroom. Nelson still fingered the picture of his nephew and gazed wistfully at the people who saw him last.

"Clear out!" cried the station man. "Quit bothering these people. We can't have it. Get out, get out!"

"I hope I'm not bothering you," said Nelson earnestly to his new found friend.

"Not at all," said Lundstrom, heartily. "I know how you feel. I've seen a lot of this since I landed."

Driven Out by Station Employe

In spite of the remonstrances of both, the station man forced Nelson and his wife from the lunchroom and they remained outside on the train platform to hear more when the survivors came out again.

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