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Cargo vessel's encounter with ice

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A coincidence between the Titanic and the Titanian was magnified in an article written by ex-sailor William Reeves in the April 1967 issue of the Sea Breezes magazine.
Reeves was on lookout on the cargo vessel Titanian in April 1935 in the North Atlantic when he claimed a sixth sense about the Titanic caused him to sound a warning about an iceberg dead ahead of his own vessel, Titanian, before ice was seen. The vessel stopped in front of a berg, he claimed, and did not strike it.

Reeves wrote:

"The position we were in geographically was exactly the same as the Titan (of Morgan Robertson) and Titanic 41.66 N, 50.14 W."

Reports of the Titanian in the London Times from the time however demonstrate that this claim by Reeves to be embroidery of the actuality.

Titanian was in a longitude and latitute at a very far distance from the collision waters of 1912. See below:

Casualty Reports 1935

TITANIAN - St John's, Newfoundland, April 25: British MV Titanian, Tyne for Port Alfred, advised 9.30pm GMT, Lat. 48.06N, Long 49. 05W, surrounded thick field ice, impossible steam through account damaged stem post, require assistance. Can you send icebreaker?
Lloyd's agent states that the icebreaker Imogene will be sent to the assistance of the Titanian.

From The Times of London, April 27, 1935, page 6.


TITANIAN - Following telegram received from owners dated April 29:

Titanian reports noon Sunday heavy gale, rolling in growler ice, bumping. So far leakage slight. Icebreaker keeping close, present position ship is very critical. Further telegram dated April 29 received from the owners - Titanian cables Sunday midnight weather continuing. Improved 4am Monday. Under way.

The Times, April 30, 1935, p. 27.


Times May 3 - Titanian arrived St John's.


Also 1935 - British passenger steamer Titan in collision

The Times (London) November 15, 1935. p. 15:

The British passenger steamer Titan (9,035 tons) belonging to the Blue Funnel Line, was in collision at Hamburg yesterday with a floating dock containing the German steamer Uruguay. The Titan was only slightly damaged - Reuter.

November 16, ibid:

British steamer Titan... port bow slightly damaged. Floating dock Howaldtswerke damaged seriously.

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