Encyclopedia Titanica

Titanic Passengers and Crew Aged 46

We found 38 people.

Name Age Class/Dept Ticket Joined Job Boat [Body]
Carpathia Crew
Able Seaman
46 Deck Crew Southampton Master-at-arms 16 
Photograph of Henry Joseph Bailey
46 Engineering Crew Southampton Fireman
46 Deck Crew
(Delivery trip only)
Belfast Able Seaman
46 1st Class Passenger
£52 11s 1d
Southampton 5 
Photograph of Sarah Maybell Beckwith
46 1st Class Passenger
£247 10s 6d
Cherbourg Personal Maid 4 
Photograph of Rosalie Bidois
46 Engineering Crew
(Delivery trip only)
Belfast Fireman
46 Engineering Crew Southampton Greaser
Photograph of William Thomas Bott
46 1st Class Passenger
£26 11s
Southampton Military
Photograph of Archibald Willingham Butt
46 Engineering Crew Southampton Fireman
46 1st Class Passenger
£61 3s 6d
Photograph of Herbert Fuller Chaffee
46 Engineering Crew
(Delivery trip only)
Belfast Greaser
46 3rd Class Passenger
£7 5s
Southampton Carpenter / Joiner
46 Deck Crew Belfast Deck storekeeper 4 
Photograph of William Gilbert
Photograph of Nella Carlynne Goldenberg
Photograph of Benjamin Guggenheim
Photograph of Leonard Hodgkinson
Photograph of Denzil John Jarvis
Photograph of Charles Cresson Jones
Photograph of Nora Agnes Keane
Photograph of Thomas Francis McCaffry
Photograph of William Mintram
Photograph of Walter Chamberlain Porter
Photograph of Margaret Welles Swift