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Was there a woman Titanic passenger or crew member who died in their cabin?

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Ann Elizabeth Isham, a first class passenger, was never seen by anyone that left an account of the sinking. It is speculated that she may have remained in her cabin throughout.

Stewardess-matron, Catherine Wallis, also died, reportedly returning to her cabin stating "I am not going on deck; I am going back where I am safe."

Twelve Second Class ladies died in the sinking, several of whom were not seen at all during the sinking.

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Regarding those 12 Second Class ladies lost, I suspect that Finnish passenger Martta Hiltunen might have gone back to her room after he missed getting into Lifeboat #4. She was nowhere near Collapsible D when that boat was loaded and launched only 10 minutes later and no one around recalls seeing her at the time.