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Was there a woman Titanic passenger or crew member who died in their cabin?
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In my opinion, i don't think that anyone, male or female, got 'stuck' in their cabin ie not being able to get out when they wanted to. But quite a few probably elected to remain in or return to their cabins because either they did not believe that the Titanic was going to sink or (in the latter case) because they missed getting into a lifeboat. One of the latter could have been Martta Hiltunen, a Finnish Second Class passenger who did not follow her cabin mates Anna Hamalainen and the latter's baby son Wiljo into Lifeboat #4, presumably due to confusion arising from the language barrier. Martta was nowhere in the vicinity when Collapsible D was loaded onto the same davits as #4 only 10 minutes later and so one assumes that she returned to her cabin to wait for the end.

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Ann Elizabeth Isham, a first class passenger, was never seen by anyone that left an account of the sinking. It is speculated that she may have remained in her cabin throughout.

Stewardess-matron, Catherine Wallis, also died, reportedly returning to her cabin stating "I am not going on deck; I am going back where I am safe."

Twelve Second Class ladies died in the sinking, several of whom were not seen at all during the sinking.

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Regarding those 12 Second Class ladies lost, I suspect that Finnish passenger Martta Hiltunen might have gone back to her room after he missed getting into Lifeboat #4. She was nowhere near Collapsible D when that boat was loaded and launched only 10 minutes later and no one around recalls seeing her at the time.