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I am an avid Titanic enthusiast and am trying to learn more about the 3rd class accommodation. I know that the strict segregation (for reasons of impropriety) were as follows: couples and single men were housed fore - single women and families were housed aft.

However, was the dining saloon on F deck segregated too or was it all one room?

Furthermore, I am aware that the open space on D deck was the only confirmed area where all the 3rd class passengers were allowed to mingle - there was even a dance at some point. How could both fore and aft passengers be able to access this open space bearing in mind their strict segregation?

And how could fore and aft passengers communicate if they could?

I hope you can provide answers and confirmations.

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Passengers in third class accessed the common areas by means of the main access corridor on D Deck, which the crew nicknamed Scotland Road after a street in Liverpool.