Archibald Andrews

Archibald Andrews

Archibald Andrews was born at 3 Graham’s Entry in Belfast, Ireland on 11 February 1872.1 He was the son of Alfred Andrews, an oyster dealer, and Agnes, also née Andrews.

He was enrolled as an apprentice to the Royal Navy in 1889 before serving on his first ship, Indus in April 1891. He served just over a year and wound up his naval career as a stoker aboard Vivid II, before going ashore in May 1892. Later joining the merchant service, he worked for several years aboard the Majestic

Craig’s ship prior to Titanic had been the White Head. He joined Titanic at Belfast for the delivery trip to Southampton, he then left the ship.

Archibald Andrews continued a career at sea.  It is possible he died in London, England in January 1930.


  1. His extant c.1919 crew card gives the date as 12 February 1874.

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