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Cyril Furmstone Evans

Mr Cyril Furmstone Evans, 20, was wireless operator aboard the Californian. On the night of 14 April 1912 he warned Titanic that ice in the vicinity had forced them to stop, but he was rudely rebuffed by the wireless operator of the Titanic, Jack Phillips, who was sending private messages to the wireless relay station at Cape Race.

After this Evans turned in for the night thus failing to hear the distress signals from Titanic which were broadcast a short while later.

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Senan Molony Titanica! (2004) The Middle Watch
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  1. johnskiggs

    Mr Cyril Furmstone Evans, 20, was wireless operator aboard the Californian. On the night of 14 April 1912 Radio Officer; Cyril Evans of the SS Californian; is known to me only through a friend he worked with in the 1930s and who I later worked with in the late 1970s., In the 1930s' my contact had worked with Cyril Evans who was still with Marconi in what was then Mesopotamia/Transjordan; on the so-called "Blue-train" basically a "Radio listening station" set up on a train; with sleeping; accommodation; and catering facilities sufficient for the crew of men, who operated the train and the... Read full post

  2. Dawn Taylor

    Please can you tell me the birthsign of Cyril Evans as the birthsign of Phillips was 'aries' a fire sign. Fire signs are naturally quick to anger. Phillips as you know was reported to say an angry 'shut up' etc. and thus resulting in the corresponding wireless set being turned off. Ref. Titanic disaster.

  3. spearmint

    I think Titanic could be saved if Jack wasn't rude. But you could never know..

  4. Egerton

    I have spoken with his daughter just recently. Her father asked his captain if he could remain on radio watch, fearing for the safety of the Titanic.His captain said no you must end your watch and sleep as you have your own ship to think about

  5. Anonymous (2828)

    He should have tried to send the message again

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Californian Crew Summary

Name: Mr Cyril Furmstone Evans
Born: circa.1892
Age: 20 years (Male)
Occupation: Telegraphist

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