Hugh Moses Donohoe

Mr Hugh Moses Donohoe 1 was born in Kilkeel, Co Down, Ireland on 20 November 1874. Coming from a Roman Catholic family, he was the son of James Donohoe, a machinist, and Mary Doran who were married in June 1870. He had an elder sister, Olivia (b. April 1871) as well as two younger siblings, William (b. June 1877) and Mary (b. April 1880). 

From July 1901 Donohoe served as an able seaman aboard the Esperanza

Donohoe’s ship prior to Titanic had been the Glendun. He joined Titanic at Belfast for the delivery trip to Southampton where he then disembarked.

Almost immediately following the Titanic disaster, Donohoe went to work as an able seaman aboard the Fleswick. A few years later he had a brush with the law in Belfast:

Constable William Rea charged Hugh Donohoe, who said he was a sailor, and belonged to Kilkeel, with the theft of twelve yards of linen and a pair of lady’s boots, the property of Jacob Sherlock, from the third-class waiting room at the County Down Railway Station on 11th inst. It was stated in evidence that the constable, while on point duty at Bridge End, saw the prisoner trying to conceal something under his coat. He kept him in view, and watched him enter a pawnshop on the Newtownards Road. The constable followed a minute later, and saw the prisoner attempting to pledge the articles. Donohoe was unable to satisfy him that he was the rightful owner of the articles, and he was placed under arrest. Donohoe told the magistrates that he left a parcel similar to the one he took in the waiting room whilst he lodged his bag in the cloak room. When he returned there he only saw one parcel, and he believed it was his. Prisoner was given the benefit of the Probation of Offenders Act. - Belfast Telegraph, 15 June 1914

What became of Hugh Donohoe in following years is unknown.  


  1. Spelling of surname varies widely; as per his birth record he was Hugh Moses Donohoe. Name also spelled Donahue or Donoghue.

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