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Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson
Leonardo Di Caprio as Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson was a fictional character in the 1997 James Cameron feature film "Titanic".  He was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio

Jack was born in Chippewa Falls in Wisconsin, USA around 1892. His parent died while he was still young. A talented artist he travelled extensively and appears to have had a fondness for drawing nudes.

In the film "Titanic", Jack and an Italian friend Fabrizio are in a bar conveniently close to the dock where the Titanic is about to depart. In a poker game, they win two third-class tickets and dash to catch the boat.

In contrast to a real third class passenger Jack has no qualms or difficulty in roaming the first class areas and ultimately meets the wealthy if matronly Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslett), they fall in love and consummate their affair moments before the Titanic strikes an iceberg.

We won't spoil the ending... get the DVD!


Name: Mr Jack Dawson (Fictional Character)
Born: circa.1892 in
Age: 20 years (Male)
Died: Monday 15th April 1912 aged 20 years

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  1. Jas

    Jas said:

    But. In the film. "We couldn't find any records of Jack." In other words, Jack isnt true. Maybe some tybe of spirit I believe.

  2. Freakylara

    Freakylara said:

    i think the reason why there r no record of him in the ship is because he won the ticket in a game . So , that ticket isnt actually his .

  3. Kaitlynn

    Kaitlynn said:

    His real name was Joseph Dawson.

  4. Angie Davis

    Angie Davis said:

    That Poker game started everything!

  5. Coco

    Coco said:

    Contrary to popular belief, Jack was entirely made up. Joseph Dawson was a real passenger on the real ship - and he had no connection to Jack Dawson, nor was Jack based off of him. James Cameron (the director of Titanic) had no idea Joseph Dawson existed whilst he was making the movie. Please don't take this the wrong way though, haha. I'm  not trying to be a smart alec, just trying to clear up a common misbelief. :)

  6. Michelle Pendlelton

    Michelle Pendlelton said:

    Who wouldn't fall for a Jack Dawson? If I were Rose, I wouldn't mind as well if he's a third class passenger. The "I'm the King of the World scene" is a classic. Oh, I wish I could meet my Jack one day.

  7. devyani

    devyani said:

    I think that jack is nat a fictonal character but real

  8. lena

    lena said:

    I think it was based on a true story and cameron just switched up the names out of respect for the families.

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