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Jack Odell

Jack Odell, born 18 August 1900 in Beckenham, Kent the son of Herbert and Lily Odell.

Jack, his mother Lily and sister Kate Odell, Richard May and Stanley May were all travelling together.  The group travelled to Southampton on the boat train where they boarded the Titanic for the voyage to Queenstown.

The Odell party are notable for a famous collection of photographs taken aboard the Titanic taken by Kate one of which was one of the last known photographs of the Titanic as they were on the tender going to Queenstown.

Jack on Titanic

Jack on board the Titanic.

Upon arrival in Queenstown they intended to take a tour of Ireland and they had booked a motor for this purpose.

Jack's father was a fish merchant and worked at Billingsgate Fish Market. The family lived in London in a large five bedroom Victorian house. Jack's father did not go on the holiday as he was away on business in Birmingham.

To get home they took another sea crossing to Swansea and took another train back to London. When they arrived back, they attended a Titanic memorial service at St. Paul's Cathedral.

Although not a survivor of the wreck, Jack would be the longest surviving male passenger. He died on 19 November 1995 age 95 and was cremated on the 23 November 1995 at Crown hill Crematorium, Milton Keynes, England his ashes were collected by funeral directors J. S. Cowley Milton Keynes England, the whereabouts of his remains is unknown.


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