James Massey

James Massey

James Massey was born in Belfast, Ireland on 19 June 18741. He was the son of James Massey, a labourer.

By October 1909 Massey was a fireman aboard the Fleswick, his ship prior to that being the City of Hamburg. He was a member of the Royal Naval Reserves and served for the duration of WWI. 

Massey’s ship prior to the Titanic had been the Cardiff. He joined the Titanic at Belfast for the delivery trip to Southampton where he then disembarked.

By November 1918 Massey was a fireman aboard the War Cygnet when it arrived in New York from Gibraltar.

In Belfast’s St Anne’s Church on 28 August 1919 he was married to millworker Annie Tomlinson (b. circa 1881); his address was then 44 Nelson Street.


  1. Birthdate as per his circa 1919 crew card but no matching birth records have been located. 

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    i was wonderin if i was related to anyone on the titanic my name is paul massey my farthers name is william cunliffe massey as there has been some activity when i had the film on tv it went funny and back n 1990 i made a model of the ship and i broke the same way no joke then 2 nite 2010 at 12,55 my step daughter had a model of the ship up n the pc room and the same happen to hers please could u help thxs 4 takn the time 2 read this mr p massey

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