John Mawhinney

Mr John Mawhinney was born in Belfast, Ireland around 1855 1 into a Church of Ireland family. 

John and Mary, his wife of thirty years by 1911, appear on the 1901 census living at 14 Clonallen (?Clonallan, Clonallon) Street in east Belfast. By the time of the 1911 census they were living at 7 Wolff Street and, on both occasions, John was described as a seafarer. They had three children.

Mawhinney’s ship prior to Titanic had been the Olympic. He joined Titanic at Belfast for the delivery trip to Southampton where he then disembarked.

John Mawhinney’s final address was 24 Clonallen Street. He died there on 27 October 1918 and he and his wife Mary (who died in 1920) are buried in Belfast’s City Cemetery (plot D1 8).


  1. When he joined Titanic he gave his age as 45. At the time of his death his age was given as 60. On the 1901 census his age was given as 46 and on the 1911 census his age was given as 50. Some shipping records point to him being born as early as 1853.

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  1. Beryl A. Litherland Ray said:

    Good afternoon to everybody! Long story.... I received a note from a distant relative recently, in which I was informed that a cousin of my great-grandfather was a crew member on the Titanic. I believe that person to have been John Mawhinney of Belfast. Does anybody have any info on him? Did he survive? Sorry, but I know nothing about the fellow! I'm a native of Warrington (Cheshire) in England, have lived in Wichita, Kansas (USA) for quite a long time. If anybody has any information at all, it would be very much appreciated. Incidentally, I think my half-witted husband has... Read full post

  2. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Beryl, you may want to do some re-checking on the name as Mr. Mawhinney does not appear on thissites crew list or the crew list put together by Hermann Soldner. Cordially, Michael H. Standart

  3. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Addendum, Senan noted in another thread that AB Seaman Mawhinney was aboard for the delivery run to Southampton. Fortunately for him, that's where he got off. Cordially, Michael H. Standart

  4. agnes haining bell said:

    hello i am looking for information on john mawhinney i am just wondering if we are related as my fathers name is john mawhinney from newtownabbey near belfast

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Gavin Bell, uK

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