Mr John Robinson Joyce

Mr John Robinson Joyce was born in Chapel Hill, Tennessee, USA on 27 October 1855.1 Coming from humble beginnings, he was the son of D. F. Joyce, a farmer, and Lucinda Burns. He had three known siblings. 

Mr Joyce was never married and in 1889 he moved to Carlsbad, New Mexico where he established his own mercantile business. Later a millionaire, he held the presidency of a number of companies, including First National Bank of Carlsbad, Joyce-Pruit Interests, and the Morrow-Thomas Hardware Company in Amarillo, Texas. 

John Joyce was a first cabin passenger aboard Carpathia when she rescued the survivors of the Titanic; after his arrival in New York he grave a brief interview to the press:

“When the Carpathia reached the scene of the wreck, we saw eighteen boats and ne raft on the water. The Carpathia picked them all up. Four persons on the raft were dead. They were buried at sea on our way back to New York. A survivor told me that some of the Titanic’s passengers jumped for the lifeboats, missed them and were immediately drowned. I heard nothing of Major Butt…”

“How did Mr Ismay get out?” Mr Joyce was asked.

In reply Mr Joyce said:

“Well, he got into a lifeboat. On the Carpathia he went to a stateroom without saying a word. There was some criticism regarding him on board the boat, he was not criticised severely. Survivors said that everybody could have been saved if there had been enough boats.”

John Joyce was on vacation and journeying from Atlanta, Georgia to Pinehurst, South Carolina when on 10 April 1916 his newly-purchased automobile crashed and turned over on top of him whilst in Chesterfield, South Carolina.


  1. Birthdate also stated as 22 October 1855.


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