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Miss Kneese boarded the Titanic as a second class passenger at Southampton. She was travelling with Miss Remesch.

They disembarked the Titanic at Cherbourg.

The two ladies had been visiting a relative, Mr Heinrich Christian Friedrich Carl Wilhelm Kneese in Bournemouth prior to their sailing on the Titanic. Mr Kneese was the proprietor of the Mont Dore Hotel in Bournemouth, but as a young man had worked as a waiter in London. Mr Kneese had been born in Germany, the son of Heinrich and Katherina Kneese. Heinrich, known as Wilhelm, was married to Melleora Alice, and the couple had two children, the reverend Rupert Henry William Kneese, and Frieda Karoline Kneese. Melleora had been married twice, and from her first marriage were two children, Louisa Alice and Harold Charles Brown. Shortly after the visit of Miss Kneese and Miss Remesch, Heinrich Kneese died. He was 64 years old when he passed away on August 29th 1916, at 3, Belsize Square, London. His widow, Melleora, survived him by another 33 years, dying in Bournemouth, on February 13th 1949, at the age of 94. — Craig Stringer, Titanic People

It is possible, though not known, that the Miss Kneese on the Titanic was Heinrich Kneese's daughter Frieda.


Craig Stringer (2003) Titanic People (CDROM)
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Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Miss Kneese
Born: circa.
Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 47, £2
Disembarked: Cherbourg

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