Bristol Woman's Terrible Experience

Bristol Times and Mirror

The New York World publishes an interview with Mrs. Florence Ware, the Bristol lady who was one of the Titanic survivors.

Mrs. Ware formerly resided at Grosvenor Road, St. Paul's. Her husband was drowned in the disaster. Mrs. Ware in telling her story said:

''I sailed with my husband, J. J. Ware. He was a builder in Bristol and expected to take up the same business with Charles Ware of number 186, South Main Street, New Britain. We had 250 dollars for our expenses, and he carried 1,000 dollars cash in a belt. Everything is gone.

''We sailed second cabin. My husband who is lost, was always talking about our chances in America and I was happy.

''I heard the noise when the steamer hit the iceberg, but did not pay any attention to it. The next I knew a man was pounding on the door of our state-room and saying, ''Men and women put on life-belts and get upon deck''. ''We did not put on our lifebelts, but ran on deck. As soon as we arrived there some men led me towards a boat. I did not wish to leave my husband, but the men said I must.'' My husband just shook my hand and said I should go and that he would see me soon.

''In our boat there were a lot of women, and one steward and a fireman. None of the men knew anything about managing a small boat, so some of the women who were used to it took charge. ''I had nothing on but a night-gown and was very cold and I worked as hard as I could at an oar until we were picked up. There was nothing to eat or drink in our boat.''

''With nothing on but a night-gown I helped row one of your boats for hours and hours,'' said Mrs. Ware, as she introduced herself to the office force of the White Star line. ''Now how am I going to get back home'' she added.

The World adds:- Mr. A. G. Christianson, who received her complaint, promptly arranged for her transportation to New Britain, Conn., where she has a brother-in-law, and told her that she would be provided with transportation and expenses if she wished to return to her homeland. The American Red Cross awarded Mrs Ware $175 and necessary clothing. On return to England she was granted a pension of 20s per week.

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