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Titanic Captain "Seen" On Street in Baltimore

The Washington Times

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BALTIMORE. Md., July 21---Peter Pryal, formerly quartermaster on the
steamship Majestic, of the White Star line, and long since retired, declares
that he has seen Captain Smith, commander of the Titanic, on the street
here, and addressed him. He said he knew him well, having served under him
years ago.

Captain Smith, he said, was nattily attired when he saw him, and carried a
suit case. When accosted by name, Pryal says, the captain replied "How do
you do, shipmate? I am in a hurry now, and can't stop."

He was then taking the train for Washington. Pryal bears a good reputation
here. He insists his story is true.

Pryal is under the care of a physician, suffering from nervous shock brought
on by the experience. His physician declares he is absolutely sane.

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  1. Joseph Titus

    Joseph Titus said:

    It is not impossible that Capt. Smith survived the sinking and lived in cognito to escape ignominy.He may have retired to a monastery to spend the rest of his days in anonymity. If he died in the tragedy, his body had not been recovered/identified which should not have been a problem.Likely he survived and kept an insignificant profile till called by his Maker. Question is, if it was another Captain in command, would Titanic have sunk? We never know.

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