Titanic Survivors That Died of Tuberculosis

We found 16 people.

Name Age Class/Dept
35  (41) Deck Crew
Photograph of Ernest Edward Archer
18  (39) Victualling Crew
Photograph of Percy Ball
29  (48) Engineering Crew
Photograph of Frederick William Barrett
4  (36) 2nd Class Passenger
31 Engineering Crew
(Delivery trip only)
30  (35) 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Charlotte Caroline Collyer
34  (38) Engineering Crew
21  (25) Victualling Crew
Photograph of Wilfred Cyril Foley
36 Engineering Crew
(Delivery trip only)
28 Engineering Crew
(Delivery trip only)
33  (40) 1st Class Passenger
Photograph of Ida Daisy Minahan
25  (35) 3rd Class Passenger
Photograph of Amīnah Mubārik
20  (35) 3rd Class Passenger
25  (59) Engineering Crew
Photograph of Alfred Charles Shiers
30  (72) Deck Crew
Photograph of William Clifford Weller
23  (26) 3rd Class Passenger
Photograph of Kātrīn Yūsuf

* Lifeboat placement tentative but supported by some documentary evidence, see each biography and Notes on the Lifeboat Lists.

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