Crew Members Last Ship: Adriatic

We found 11 people.

Name Age Class/Dept Ticket Joined Job Boat [Body]
18 Victualling Crew
Southampton Saloon Steward (2nd class) [83]
30 Engineering Crew
Belfast Junior Assistant 3rd. Engineer
Photograph of James Fraser
38 Engineering Crew
Belfast Junior 2nd. Engineer
Photograph of Norman E. Harrison
52 Victualling Crew
Southampton Saloon Steward (2nd class)
29 Engineering Crew
(Delivery trip only)

Southampton Fireman
36 Victualling Crew
Belfast Saloon Steward (1st class) [90]
29 Victualling Crew
Southampton Scullion 13
33 Deck Crew
Southampton Able Seaman [192]
29 Engineering Crew
Southampton Greaser 4
Photograph of Thomas Ranger
41 Victualling Crew
Southampton Stewardess 16
36 Engineering Crew
Southampton Greaser

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