Crew Members Last Ship: Majestic 1890

We found 21 people.

Name Age Class/Dept Ticket Joined Job Boat [Body]
42 Victualling Crew
Belfast Second Purser, 1st Class
Photograph of Reginald Lomond Barker
31 Victualling Crew
Southampton Lift Steward [251]
36 Engineering Crew
Belfast Boilermaker [111]
Photograph of George Alexander Chisnall
57 Engineering Crew
Belfast Engineers' Mess steward
49 Engineering Crew
Southampton Greaser
38 Victualling Crew
Discharged Crew
(Delivery trip only)

Southampton First Class Saloon Steward
23 Engineering Crew
Southampton Trimmer [227]
Photograph of Joseph Dawson
48 Victualling Crew
Southampton Third class steward
52 Engineering Crew
Southampton Fireman
24 Engineering Crew
Southampton Trimmer
26 Engineering Crew
(Delivery trip only)

Southampton Junior Assistant 4th Engineer
24 Engineering Crew
Southampton Fireman
18 Victualling Crew
Belfast Saloon Steward
23 Engineering Crew
Southampton Trimmer C
Photograph of Albert Sylvanus Hunt
17 Victualling Crew
Southampton Saloon Steward (2nd class)
29 Deck Crew
Belfast Carpenter / Joiner
Photograph of John Maxwell
44 Victualling Crew
Belfast Saloon Steward (1st class)
54 Victualling Crew
Southampton Bed Room Steward
33 Victualling Crew
Southampton 3rd Class Steward
39 Engineering Crew
Belfast Junior 4th. Engineer
Photograph of James Muil Smith
36 Victualling Crew
Southampton Steward

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