Titanic : On this Day... 12 August

Titanic events from today in history

The following 3 people were born

GOODWIN, Master William Frederick — 12th August 1898
WIKLUND, Mr Karl Johan — 12th August 1893
ANDREWS, Miss Cornelia Theodosia — 12th August 1849

The following person died

TU'MAH, Miss Mariyam — 12th August 1953

The following 3 items were published

New York Times (1916) MISS LUCILE CARTER A BUD IN NEWPORT — 12th August 1916
New York Times (1924) EXPLORER TO SEEK ORINOCO'S SOURCE — 12th August 1924
Evening Bulletin (1965) GRETCHEN LEOPOLD, TTITANIC SURVIVOR, DIES ABOARD SHIP — 12th August 1965

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