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Executor of Col. Weir Seeks to Recover Alleged Brokerage Account
Surrogate Cohalan denied yesterday as "unreasonably inquisitorial" an application by Harold M. Weir, executor of the estate of Col. John Weir, to examine Mrs. Elizabeth F. Sullivan and members of the brokerage house of Groesback & Co. Col. Weir perished in the sinking of the Titanic. Mrs. Sullivan's husband, Simeon F. Sullivan, had an account with Groesbeck & Co., which Mr. Weir said was for the benefit of Col. Weir.

He quoted statements of his brother that 1,000 shares of the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, on deposit with the brokers as collateral, was his property. Mrs. Sullivan was excused from answering questions because there was nothing to show she was conversant with her husband's business affairs and the brokerage house showed that they had turned over the stock to meet a note. In the face of theme facts, Surrogate Cohalan decided that no good object would be served by an examination in discovery proceedings.

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