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Twice Debarred, Embarking on Fated Liner, Enters on Carpathia
Special Dispatch to The North American
ALLENTOWN, Pa., May 2---That it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good was demonstrated here today day in the happy reunion of George Abraham, a Syrian, employed at the Fogelsville cement plant, and his wife Mary, aged 24, a survivor of the Titanic tragedy.

Abraham came to this country several years ago, and through industry has been prospering. Twice his wife crossed the ocean, only to be turned back by the immigration authorities. Determined to join her husband, she sailed a third time on the Titanic. She was a second-class passenger and was one of the women hurried into the lifeboats. From previous experience she was in great fear that she might again be turned back by the Ellis island inspectors, but found when the Carpathia came in that red tape had been suspended.

Mrs. Abraham lost all her belongings and $50 in the wreck, but got $30 from the fund raised for the relief of the Titanic survivors.

After being rescued, Mrs. Abraham saved the life of a Syrian who was shot in the arm by an officer and fell into the sea.

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