Titanic Disaster, Westcountry Passengers and Crew (10)

Western Morning News

Henry Rogers, of Tavistock, a second class passenger, was the son of the late Mr J G Rogers, stone mason, and grandson of Mr J S Rogers, who carries on the business at Tavistock. The young man was 18 years of age and had been in service with Rev. Maitland Kelly of Kelly, Tavistock. Afterwards he was employed at the Bedford Hotel, Tavistock, and for about three years has been assistant waiter at the Angel Hotel, Helston, Cornwall. He was sailing for Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where he has several uncles and aunts, and intended to turn his hand to anything that came along. He was a smart and steady young fellow. He had intended to travel by another liner, but the sailing was cancelled on account of the coal strike. His mother has been married again, and is the wife of Mr Jackman, who for many years has been in the employ of the Tavistock Urban Council. Both mother and grandmother are in much distress, fearing the worst.

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