Titanic Discharged Crew

Crew members, most of whom had "signed-on" but, for one reason or another, failed to board the ship or were not aboard when the accident occurred.

Blake, Mr C. [Trimmer - Failed to Join]
Bowman, Mr J. (?F.T.) [Assistant Cook - Failed to Join]
Brewer, Mr B. [Trimmer - Deserted]
Burrows, Mr W. [Fireman - Left by Consent]
Carter, Mr F. [Trimmer - Failed to join]
Coffey, Mr John [Fireman - Deserted at Queenstown]
Dawes, Mr W. W. [First Class Saloon Steward - Discharged]
Dawkins, P. [Assistant Cook - Failed to Join]
Di Napoli, Mr E. [Assistant Waiter ALC - Failed to Join]
Ettlinger, Mr Peter [Second Class Saloon Steward - Discharged]
Fish, Mr B. [First Class Steward - Failed to Join]
Fisher, Mr R. [Second Class Plates - Failed to Join]
Haveling, Mr A. [Junior Assistant 4th Engineer - Transferred]
Holden, Mr Frank [Fireman - Deserted]
Kilford, Mr P. [First Class Steward - Left Ship Sick]
Manby, Mr A. [Third Class Steward - Failed to Join]
Mewe, Mr W. J. (Mew, W.?) [Sauce cook - Failed to Join]
Penney, Mr V. [Trimmer - Deserted]
Sartori, Mr Lazar [Waiter ALC - Failed to Join]
Shaw, Mr J. [Fireman - Deserted]
Sims, Mr W. [Fireman - Left by Consent]
Slade, Mr Alfred [Fireman - Deserted]
Slade, Mr Bertram [Fireman - Deserted]
Slade, Mr Thomas [Fireman - Deserted]

Crew Particulars of Engagement

Agreement and Account of Crew (PRO London, BT100/259)

Peter Engberg-Klarström, Sweden
Hermann Söldner, Germany
Brian Ticehurst, UK
Geoff Whitfield, UK
Bill Wormstedt, USA

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