TITANIC CLAIMS $10,000,000

The Washington Post

Mrs Irene Harris Asks $1,000,000 for Loss of Husband

New York, Jan 12 – A flood of petitions for damages through the loss of the steamer Titanic, filed today; included one Mrs Irene Wallach Harris, who claims $1,000,000 for the loss of her husband, Henry B Harris the theatrical manager.  This is the heaviest of the 279 claims so far filed.

Mrs May Futrelle of Scituate, Mass., asks $300,000 as compensation for the loss of her husband, Jacques Futrelle, author.  The claim of Mrs Lily B Millet, widow of Francis D Millet, the artist, a Titanic victim is $100,000.

Mrs John Jacob Astor, the Wideners, and the Hayes family are not on the list of claimants.
United State Judge Hand yesterday extended the time for filing petitions on claims to February 11th.  The claims amount to more than $10,000,000, but the White Star Line contends that its liability is limited, under the United States statues, to less than $100,000, the value of recovered records and passage money.

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