Titanic Lifeboat No. 11

Titanic lifeboat 11. The sixth boat lowered on the starboard side. No. 11 was lowered to the A deck and several stewards were ordered into it to assist the passengers over the railing into the boat. Steward Wheelton reported having guided about 40 women to the A deck and into No. 11. Miss Edith Rosenbaum entered the boat, carrying with her a toy, a small pig playing music. Another passenger mistook this and would later claim, rather upset, that a woman in the boat had a pig with her. Mrs. Schabert got into the boat and discovered there was space for her brother, Philipp Mock, as well. Several second class passengers entered it; Mrs. Becker and her two youngest children among them. Ruth Becker, the oldest, however, was told the boat was full and swiftly went to the next boat, i. e. No. 13, into which she got without any problem. Mrs. West and her two daughters found seats in the boat and Mrs. West would later claim that the boat was lowered at dangerous angles and she noticed that a baby was thrown in at the last moment, without its mother (as reported by others in the boat as well).

When they reached the water, it was discovered that there was no lamp in it and a sailor lighted a piece of rope to use as a light/signal. The boat was heavily loaded. It was reported to have held from 58 to nearly 80 people. The first claim is probably rather close to the truth; there were probably about ten children in the boat, about 30 ladies (including possibly nine stewardesses), three men passengers and some 16 or 18 male crew; close to 60 people. It is believed that No. 11 was about the sixth or eighth boat to reach the Carpathia.

Lifeboat summary by Peter Engberg

We found 45 people.

Name Age Class/Dept
10 m 3rd Class Passenger
P. Aks
11 m 1st Class Passenger
H. Allison
36 2nd Class Passenger
1 2nd Class Passenger
35 2nd Class Passenger
4 2nd Class Passenger
42 Deck Crew
18 2nd Class Passenger
A. Brown
33 Victualling Crew
22 1st Class Passenger
A. Cleaver
49 Victualling Crew
C. Cullen
30 3rd Class Passenger
24 2nd Class Passenger
A. Del Carlo
37 Victualling Crew
W. Faulkner
36 Victualling Crew
J. Gibbons
45 3rd Class Passenger
21 Victualling Crew
6 2nd Class Passenger
A. Harper
52 Deck Crew
19 Victualling Crew
J. Hyland
23 2nd Class Passenger
M. Jerwan
40 Victualling Crew
31 2nd Class Passenger
39 Victualling Crew
A. Martin
30 Victualling Crew
C. McKay
26 Victualling Crew
A. McMicken
30 1st Class Passenger
P. Mock
29 2nd Class Passenger
E. Nye
19 2nd Class Passenger
K. Phillips
36 Victualling Crew
A. Prichard
2 2nd Class Passenger
33 2nd Class Passenger
8 2nd Class Passenger
47 Victualling Crew
A. Robinson
32 1st Class Passenger
E. Rosenbaum
21 3rd Class Passenger
23 Victualling Crew
C. Savage
35 1st Class Passenger
E. Schabert
29 3rd Class Passenger
39 1st Class Passenger
20 2nd Class Passenger
M. Sincock
47 Victualling Crew
27 Victualling Crew
F. Terrill
30 Victualling Crew
J. Wheat
28 Victualling Crew
E. Wheelton