Titanic Lifeboat No. 12

Titanic survivors in lifeboat 12

Titanic lifeboat 12, probably the third boat lowered on the port side. It would seem likely that most of the passengers in this boat were second class ladies. It is a bit unclear whether Second Officer Lightoller was supervising the loading of this boat. Miss Dagmar Bryhl tried to get the officer/s to let her brother and fiancé come with her into the boat, but to no avail. ''She was taken to a boat where her brother and fiancé were absolutely prohibited from entering, even though there was plenty of room in it. Miss Bryhl said there were only six persons in the boat at the time for lowering, but that they picked up about 50 from the water. ''(Nordstjernan, April 30, 1912, p. 12).

Others were persuaded to enter it, and it finally held 28-30 people when lowered away. One young man jumped into it when it was lowered and there were two sailors in it, the rest were women. When they had been in the water for a while, they encountered boat 14 and other boats, and Fifth Officer Lowe distributed his passengers in order to go back to the wreckage to see if he could save anyone. No. 12 probably received ten or twelve additional survivors from No. 14 - also, two or three crew from boat D came into No. 12. This meant that No. 12 now had about 40-45 people in it. When they heard Lightoller's whistle, they immediately rowed off and, together with boat 4, rescued those on collapsible B. About 16 or so came into No. 12 and they reached the Carpathia, now under the command of Second Officer Lightoller, with about 60 people. It was the last boat to reach the rescue ship, after eight o'clock in the morning.

Lifeboat summary by Peter Engberg-Klarström

We found 16 people.

Name Age Class/Dept
19 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Lillian Winifred Bentham
20 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg Bryhl
33 Deck Crew
Photograph of Frederick Charles Clench
19 3rd Class Passenger
Photograph of Gurshon  Cohen
30 2nd Class Passenger
27 2nd Class Passenger
17 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Bertha Lehmann
42 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Alice Adelaide Louch
59 2nd Class Passenger
21 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Alice Frances Louisa Phillips
27 Deck Crew
Photograph of John Thomas Poingdestre
30 2nd Class Passenger
22 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Emily Rugg
24 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Imanita Parrish Shelley
17 2nd Class Passenger
Photograph of Lyyli Karoliina Silvén
45 Victualling Crew
Photograph of Mary Jane Sloan

* Lifeboat placement tentative but supported by some documentary evidence, see each biography and Notes on the Lifeboat Lists.

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