Titanic Emergency Lifeboat No. 2

Titanic emergency lifeboat 2, the seventh boat loaded from the port side. Fourth Officer Boxhall was sent in charge of this boat and he had another sailor, a steward and a kitchen hand with him. Eight ladies from first class, including sisters Charlotte Appleton and Malvina Cornell found seats in the boat and six passengers from third class were there as well; Mrs. Coutts and her two young sons and the Kink family. In all, there were probably no more than 18 people in it. Boat 2 was the first boat to reach the Carpathia, shortly after 4 o'clock in the morning.

Lifeboat summary by Peter Engberg

We found 18 people.

Name Age Class/Dept
29 1st Class Passenger
E. Allen
53 1st Class Passenger
C. Appleton
28 Deck Crew
Titanic Officers
J. Boxhall
55 1st Class Passenger
M. Cornell
3 3rd Class Passenger
N. Coutts
9 3rd Class Passenger
W. Coutts
36 3rd Class Passenger
W. Coutts
48 1st Class Passenger
M. Douglas
29 Victualling Crew
52 Victualling Crew
J. Johnstone
29 3rd Class Passenger
A. Kink
4 3rd Class Passenger
L. Kink-Heilmann
26 3rd Class Passenger
L. Kink-Heilmann
29 1st Class Passenger
E. Kreuchen
27 1st Class Passenger
B. Leroy
16 1st Class Passenger
G. Madill
27 Deck Crew
F. Osman
43 1st Class Passenger
E. Robert