Titanic Collapsible Lifeboat B

Titanic collapsible lifeboat B. This collapsible boat was never launched as such from the Titanic. When boat D had departed from the port side, the crew tried to fasten boat B to the davits, but somehow it fell from the roof of the officers' quarters and fell down to the boat deck, on its back, shortly before the sea washed over that area. The crew who had been trying to get the boat in working order simply crawled up on the overturned boat. One of those who had been there looking after the boat was Second Officer Lightoller. Together with the crew near him, he climbed onto the boat. Soon, the boat's keel was full of people.

Trimmer James McGann was one of those who helped with boat B. He said he saw the Captain jumping at the same time, but lost sight of him after that. Wireless Operator Harold Bride found refuge on the upturned collapsible boat; he also claimed to having seen the Captain jump when boat B got into the water. Fireman Harry Senior also made a comment to this effect. Colonel Gracie, a first class passenger, would later write a book about his experiences. He thought most of those on the boat were crewmembers and so did Lightoller and others. On the other hand, numerous men passengers would later claim to having been on it. Estimates as to the number of people on it vary; there may have been upward of 30 people, mainly crewmen, on it to begin with, but some of the initial survivors died during the night; a number of two or three is mentioned. It seems likely about 25 people were rescued from boat B when the crew of boats 4 and 12 heard officer Lightoller's whistle calling for them and they subsequently came over and collected those on it.

Lifeboat summary by Peter Engberg

We found 19 people.

Name Age Class/Dept Ticket Joined Job Boat [Body]
24 Engineering Crew
Southampton Trimmer B
Photograph of Ernest Frederick Allen
47 1st Class Passenger 27042
Southampton Justice of the Peace B
Photograph of Algernon Henry Barkworth
22 Victualling Crew
Belfast Assistant Telegraphist B
Photograph of Harold Sydney Bride
17 Victualling Crew
Southampton Scullion B
Photograph of John Collins
29 3rd Class Passenger 382651
£7 15s
Queenstown Farm Labourer B
Photograph of Eugene Patrick Daly
18 3rd Class Passenger 10482
£8 1s
Southampton Groom B
Photograph of Edward Arthur Dorking
21 Engineering Crew
Southampton Mess Steward B
Photograph of Cecil William Fitzpatrick
53 1st Class Passenger 113780
£28 10s
Southampton Writer B
Photograph of Archibald Gracie
22 Engineering Crew
Southampton Trimmer B
Photograph of William Albert Thomas Hebb
23 Engineering Crew
Southampton Fireman B
Photograph of Walter Hurst
33 Victualling Crew
Belfast Chief Baker B
Photograph of Charles John Joughin
31 Engineering Crew
Southampton Fireman B
38 Deck Crew
Titanic Officers

Belfast 2nd. Officer B
Photograph of Charles Herbert Lightoller
31 Victualling Crew
Belfast Entrée Cook B
Photograph of Isaac Hiram Maynard
29 Engineering Crew
Substitute Crew

Southampton Trimmer B
21 3rd Class Passenger 368402
£7 15s
Queenstown Porter B
Photograph of Patrick O'Keeffe
30 Engineering Crew
Southampton Greaser B
Photograph of George Alexander Prangnell
20 3rd Class Passenger 392089
£8 1s
Southampton Farmer B
Photograph of Victor Francis Sunderland
17 1st Class Passenger 17421
£110 17s 8d
Cherbourg Scholar B
Photograph of John Borland Thayer

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