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Titanic Real Time Sinking

Shared on 9th May 2021 by Kyle Naber

Watch a comprehensively annotated real-time Titanic sinking video, based on the authoritative Titanic history book "On a Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic" by J. Kent Layton Bill Wormstedt, and George Behe.

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Titanic Real Time Sinking

Floating bodies in the water

Shared on 8th May 2021 by Titanic Connections

Johanna Stunke gave quite a shocking report about seeing floating bodies in the water when her ship passed Titanic's wreck site? Johanna Stunke was a First Class passenger aboard the German liner SS Bremen. During their Atlantic crossing the SS Bremen passed through the area where Titanic sank just a few days before. Johanna Stunke described the awful scene as follows: "It was between 4 and 5 o'clock on Saturday, when our ship sighted off the bow to the starboard, an iceberg. We had been told by some of the officers that the Bremen was going to pass within a few miles of the position given by the Titanic when she sank, so when the cry went up that ice was sighted we all rushed to the starboard rail. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the sun glistening on the iceberg was a wonderful picture. But as we drew nearer, and could make out small dots floating around in the sea, a feeling of awe and sadness crept over everyone and the ship proceeded in absolute silence. We passed within a hundred feet of the southernmost drift of the wreckage, and looking down over the rail we distinctly saw a number of bodies so clearly that we could make out what they were wearing and whether they were men or women. We saw one woman in her night dress, with a baby clasped closely to her breast. Several of the women passengers screamed and left the rail in a fainting condition. There was another woman, fully dressed, with her arms tight around the body of a shaggy dog that looked like a St. Bernard. The bodies of three men in a group, all clinging to one steamer chair, floated close by, and just beyond them were a dozen bodies of men, all of them encased in life-preservers, clinging together as though in a last desperate struggle for life. Those were the only bodies we passed near enough to distinguish but we could see the white life preservers of many more dotting the sea, all the way to the iceberg." Picture: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

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