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Memorial to Henry Charles Harrington

Shared on 17th May 2021 by Trevor Baxter

Henry Charles Harrington, manservant to Clarence Moore, is remembered on the family headstone in St Mary's churchyard Copythorne, New Forest, Hampshire, England, the grave site is at the front of the church.

Photos courtesy of Richard M. Jones UK, Trevor Baxter.

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S.S. Algerine joins the recovery effort

Shared on 16th May 2021 by David Lean

May 16th 1912 - Over a month has passed since the Titanic disaster. Still hopeful of finding more victims, the White Star Line charters the Bowring Bros. Limited steamer S.S. Algerine, to sail from St. Johns, Newfoundland under the command of Captain John Jackman and join the recovery effort; she will be the last vessel contracted for the search.

In New York, Marcelle Navratil is reunited with her two sons, three-year-old Michel and two-year-old Edmond after their father Michel Navratil Snr. took the boys with him aboard Titanic without Marcelle's knowledge. Travelling under the assumed name of Louis Hoffman, Michel Snr. died in the sinking; the boys were rescued in a lifeboat.

Aboard Carpathia, it was assumed that they were orphans and first class passenger Margaret Hays agreed to care for them at her home until relatives could be found. After recognising Michel and Edmond from a photograph in a newspaper, Marcelle sailed to America aboard the Oceanic to collect them...in a cruel twist of fate, she was on board when Collapsible Lifeboat A was discovered adrift in mid-Atlantic three days ago.

Michel Navratil's body was the 15th victim to be recovered by the Mackay-Bennett, was laid to rest at Baron de Hirsch cemetery in Halifax yesterday.

Photograph 1: S.S. Algerine. Sourced from [http://archivalmoments.ca/tag/algerine/] Photograph 2: Marcelle Navratil with Michel and Edmond. Courtesy of the Photo Science Museum.

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