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Cycling on the Titanic

Shared on 15th May 2021

The exercise cycles on the Titanic were of the Hutchens-Hamilton "Home Trainer" type, popular in Edwardian times for static cycles races.

The " Titanic " Loss.
Much has been written of the luxurious appointments of the ill-fated " Titanic." The huge physical culture department included two home trainers of the Hutchins-Hamilton [sic] type, so popular in cycling circles. The pattern is that with the large dial facing the pedaller, a pointer revolving clockwise around the edge, on which are marked figures denoting the miles covered.  - Cycling, 25 April 1912

Lawrence Beesley and a friend who came to see him off at Southampton, try out the new "his and hers" trainer cycles on the Titanic (Illustrated London News); A builders' photo of the gymnasium on the Olympic with the cycles at far right (Harland & Wolff);  One of the cycles still visible on the wreck.

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Titanic Cargo Crane

Shared on 14th May 2021 by Titanic Connections

Did you know... ... that one of Titanic's cargo cranes lies in the debris field still very well recognizable? Titanic had eight cargo cranes all together.  Two of them were located on the forward Well Deck which still remain there even to this day.  The other six cranes where located aft; two on Titanic's Poop Deck, two on the aft Well Deck and two on the aft end of A Deck.  The two cranes on the aft end of A Deck were smaller than the others with a lifting capacity of 1,5 tons. The six others had a lifting capacity of 2,5 tons.  The cranes were used to load cargo in and out of the various cargo holds.   In 2010 one of these cranes laying in the debris field was filmed. Due to the fact that the forward cranes are still sitting in place this crane must be one of the aft ones.  Even to this day it's pretty well recognizable.  Picture of Olympic's crane: The Electrician (4 August 1911) Picture of the wreck: The Telegraph

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