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Remains of the Fourth Funnel

Shared on 14th May 2021 by Cam Houseman

Remains of the Fourth Funnel. Identified by Ken Marschall, images owned by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. 
First Image: the whistles. Only the First and Second Funnel's whistles were operational. The Third and Fourth Funnel's were only showpieces, in a sense.
Second Image: the pipes that ran down the side
Third Image: the base, still attached to the deckhouse roof

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CGS Montmagny recovers four Titanic victims

Shared on 13th May 2021 by David Lean

May 13th 1912 - Hampered by bad weather, the CGS Montmagny has managed to recover only four Titanic victims; one of whom, an unknown member of the crew, had to be buried at sea. The bodies of an unidentified young female third class passenger from Syria, possibly Hileni Jabbur, Bedroom Steward Charles Smith and third class passenger Harold Reynolds are delivered to Louisbourg, Nova Scotia and then transferred to Halifax for burial via the Louisbourg & Canadian National Railway. After taking on more coal and supplies, Montmagny again makes her way out into the North Atlantic to continue the search for the dead.  (Photograph 1: Montmagny's crew holding one of Titanic's liferings to which Harold Reynolds and the unidentified Syrian girl were found to be clinging on to / Photograph 2: The body of the Syrian girl shortly after being brought aboard the recovery vessel / Photograph 3: Montmagny's crew tend to a male Titanic victim. Photographs taken by Reverend Samuel Prince. Courtesy of the Pouliot Family collection. Sourced from In the Wake of the Titanic: The CGS Montmagny Story / Photograph 4: The remains of Bedroom Steward Charles Edwin Smith. Sourced from Titanic: Triumph & Tragedy (Second Edition) by John P. Eaton and Charles Haas)

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