Titanic Lookout man dead

Tragic end of Sailor Who was in “Crow’s Nest” of Ill-fated Liner

The Weekly Dispatch

Tragic end of Sailor Who was in “Crow’s Nest” of Ill-fated Liner

A link with the Titanic disaster has been broken with the death, at the Sailors’ Home, Southampton, of Reginald Robinson Lee, who as look-out man was in the “crows nest” of the liner when she foundered on her maiden trip to America a year last April.  Lee was an experienced seaman, having served in various vessels for fifteen years. Latterly he had been employed by the Union-Castle Line, and arrived home from the Cape a week ago.   Four days later he was found dead on the floor of his room. At the inquest the medical evidence showed that death was due to heart failure following pleurisy. His friends say he had never been the same since the disaster.

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