Titanic men for premiere of new film

Southern Evening Echo

A HANDFUL of survivors from the Titanic disaster in 1912, some of whom have not seen each other since, will be at the Odeon, Leicester Square, tonight, to see the premiere of the new Rank Organisation film, A Night To Remember.

The film tells for the first time on the screen the full story of the disaster.

Among the survivors will be Commander H. G. Boxall, the Titanic's fourth officer, who has acted as technical adviser on the picture, and Mr. W. Lindsay, of 159, Manor Farm Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton.

Captain C. V. Groves, third officer of the Californian, the ship that was only ten miles away when the Titanic went down, will be there.

Mrs. Lightoller, widow of the Titanic's second officer, will see her husband's heroic role in the disaster re-created by Kenneth More.

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